Wulftec Stretch Wrappers

Friday, January 29, 2010

Yanick MaroisYanick Marois
Yanick Marois has been appointed to Retrofit Sales Manager. Yanick has been a valued member of the Wulftec team since 1997. After two years as a Mechanical Designer, in 1999 Yanick was promoted to R & D Manager and in 2002 moved on as our Production Manager.
Yanick may be reached at tel.: 864-430-0213 or email yanickm@wulftec.com
Congratulations Yanick…we wish you much success in this new position.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wulftec's carriage
Wulftec's carriage
Wulftec has been providing for many years the ability to simulate the technology behind a no rip or no tear film carriage. Some of you have recently been asking about this technology. If you ever come across a customer asking about this, make sure they understand it's not revolutionary; though it was innovative when Wulftec first introduced it, we have been offering this to customers for many years. By pre-programming the load dimensions into our PLC program we can adjust the film force tension to ensure that the film will have less force around the sharp corners of the pallet. This will keep film breakage to a minimum or eliminate them completely.
An industry we sell a lot of stretch wrappers to, and that this technology works great in, is the Empty Plastic Bottle Manufactures. We can literally “lay” the film around the load to give them the coverage they need and not crush the empty containers. By knowing the load dimensions and by controlling the film force you can “tout” that your film carriage eliminates film breakage.
The negative on this, is that if the customer loads change then you need to “re-program” the dimensions. We do offer a dual laser photoeye sensor that can “measure” the load entering the wrap zone if this is an issue. Please explain to customers who ask about this feature on how it is achieved. This should help them decide if they want us to pre-program their machines.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wulftec 20 years celebration
Wulftec is celebrating its 20th anniversary!!
To commemorate this historic event, we will run a “special” on the 20th of each month celebrating Wulftec’s 20 year anniversary and there will be a GRAND celebration on December 20th.
  • January 20, 2010 promo:For your semi or automatic stretch wrapper or strapping machine ordered on this date, we will send you a Wulftec polo and baseball cap.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Michel RouleauMichel Rouleau
Michel Rouleau has been appointed to Regional Sales Manager for Canada. Michel has been a valued member of the Wulftec team since 1996. After many years in the plant as a technician and then in service as a road technician, in 2003 Michel became Customer Service Manager and then moved on as our Retrofit Sales Manager ensuring efficient processing of retrofits, sales and installation of retrofits.
Michel may be reached at tel.: 819 574-8960 or email michelr@wulftec.com

Congratulations Michel…we wish you much success in this new position.