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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2009Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV

October 5 -7 ,2009

PACK EXPO Las Vegas from October 5–7, 2009, attracted 22,721 packaging and processing professionals, making it the second-largest PACK EXPO Las Vegas since PMMI launched the show in 1995.
Consumer goods companies expressed confidence in the future of the economy last week by turning out for PACK EXPO Las Vegas in near-record levels, reports leading packaging and processing trade association PMMI. The attendees were in search of packaging and processing innovations, and were not disappointed.
"Given the economy this year, we are extremely pleased with the turnout,” says Charles D. Yuska, president and CEO of PMMI. “Trade shows mirror the industries they serve, and the strong attendance may indicate an economic recovery as consumer goods companies leverage the show for their capital equipment investments and packaging innovation efforts."
Final attendance figures are as follows:
Visitor Attendance 22,721 23,864 21,785
Exhibitor Personnel 11,246 13,492 11,247
Total Attendance 33,967 37,452 33,032
International Attendance 3,580 3,718 2,773
Number of Exhibiting Companies 1,140 1,281 1,149
Net Square Footage 521,147 560,379 483,608
Wulftec saw qualified buyers ready to do business – end user leads were very strong.
All of our equipment which was demonstrated at the show performed very well and we were complimented on the robustness and quality of our equipment, how easy they are to use and how good we are servicing our customers.
It is the teamwork of everyone at Wulftec which facilitated the installation and made the show a success for us. Thank you to everyone involved!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wulftec was recently featured in an article in “Manufacturing Digital”. You may view it online on page 30 of the following link http://www.execdigital.com/Magazine.aspx?id=1588 .

Manufacturing Digital is a digital magazine reaching over 250,000 senior business executives and is dedicated to looking at key aspects in manufacturing and is fast becoming a key exponent on areas from strategic management, lean manufacturing, supply chain, people management as well as technology and operational maintenance.

Friday, August 7, 2009

We are going green
Wulftec, as many other companies, has developed a “Green Strategy”. Our strategy was first implemented on our stretch wrappers and strappers. The second step towards our green goal is our “Media Center”. The goal is to reduce paper consumption and encourage being environmentally responsible!

The “Media Center” is a CD that contains ALL of our brochures, flyers, success stories, sales tools, etc. in English, French and Spanish. Once inserted in your computer, it will detect if you are connected to the internet. If you are connected, your selected file will be opened from our website. Thus assuring that you ALWAYS have the most up-to-date version.

The “Media Center” will allow us to drastically reduce paper consumption – we would appreciate if you only order print brochures when 100% necessary. The "Media Center” has been created as a sales tool for your use.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gregg Hopkins
Gregg Hopkins has been honored with the “Highest Level of Performance in Sales” award for 2008.
Gregg Hopkins and Ken White have proven that when it comes to understanding and meeting the needs of their distributors, they can’t be beat. In recognition of their outstanding efforts, Gregg and Ken have been honored with Wulftec’s awards for 2008.
Congratulations Gregg and Ken… thank you for your dedication. Here’s to continued success in 2009!
Ken White
Ken White has been honored with the “Highest Level of Increase in Sales” award for 2008.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wulftec has built a solid reputation on being experts in the Pallet Stretch Wrapping Industry. Lots of our success can be attributed to the Pallet Conveyor we manufacture for our Stretch Wrappers.

Heavy Duty 2,500 lbs Capacity Powered Roller ConveyorWe are proud to launch a new pallet conveyor line adapted to today’s economy and challenges: The new Heavy Duty 2,500 lbs Capacity Powered Roller Conveyor is now available and priced right for most industries and budgets

The new Heavy Duty 2,500 lbs capacity powered roller conveyor has been designed with Affordability and Quality in mind. The design is simple with clean lines, uses fewer components and is therefore more cost effective, saving you money. We can undeniably say that we have the best quality vs price offer with this new Heavy Duty 2,500 lbs Capacity Powered Roller Conveyor.

Friday, June 26, 2009

SMHPA-200Our SMART™ Series was introduced back in 2004…the entire concept of this line has always been to allow our customers to get the exact stretch wrapper they needed and pay only for the features they wanted!

With the SMART™ machine you get to pick and choose the individual components (i.e. base size/weight capacity, control panel and tower height) that will best meet your stretch wrapping needs.

With this strategy in mind and following the suggestions of our distributors, we are adding more flexibility to our SMART™ Series with the addition of our new SMHPA-200 high profile portable automatic machine.

Until now, the SMLPA-200 (low profile) and the SMHPA-300 (high profile extra heavy duty) were the only two machines available in our portable automatic line. Many of our distributors have been asking us for an affordable machine equivalent to our SMLPA-200 but with a high profile turntable.

The new SMHPA-200 is our answer to these requests. This new SMHPA-200 is:
  • Affordable
  • Provides distributors with a competitive advantage due to the fact that only a few suppliers are offering high profile portable automatic machines
  • Perfect for forklift loading
  • Easier to maintain than a low profile machine

We’re convinced this new addition to our SMART™ Series will contribute to boosting your sales in this tough economy.

More info at: Wulftec Stretch Wrappers / SMHPA-200

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Maintenance Free" Spring Loaded Carriage Gate
Wulftec Spring Loaded Carriage

This improved carriage loading gate eliminates any maintenance presently required on the carriage in order to ensure the proper stretch level at all times. It is equipped with spring loaded rollers, which ensures optimal contact with the stretch film year after year - without involving maintenance. No more film slippage due to lack of maintenance! We have the best carriage in the industry with our cut-proof lifetime warranted prestretch rollers and now the “Maintenance Free” spring loaded carriage gate. The new gate is standard on all automatic and semi-automatic machines (excluding the Value Line).

Wulftec Spring Loaded Carriage Top View

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sales tools flyersThere’s no such thing as having too many sales tools in this industry, as any resource that can help boost sales is always welcome. That’s why we go to great lengths to create sales tools that help make your job of selling Wulftec® stretch wrappers even easier. The following eight new tools are available on our website download center.
  • Hand Wrapping vs. Stretch Wrapping Flyer
  • 5 Industry Specific Flyers: Door & Window, Brick & Block, Metal Coils, Hay and the new Produce & Fresh Food released last week
  • The Wulftec Advantage Sheets
  • Smart Series Comparison Card

Friday, May 8, 2009

1HP motors throught

1HP motors on carriage
Wulftec® semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers have 1 HP motors throughout (excluding the ValueLine).
By using variable frequency drives on all its motors, Wulftec ensures that only the power required by the load is used, regardless of the HP of the motor. By this, we have standardized our motor sizes, allowing for fewer parts in inventory for us and our customers. This translates into greener operations at our end and at your end.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last fall, Wulftec merged the WCA-150 and 200 into one line: The WCA-SMART™
WCA-SMART™The WCA-SMART™, with its unique manufacturing process, offers productivity, high speed and film savings. It’s all part of the Wulftec advantage, providing that essential edge with AC variable frequency drives and motors, heavy-duty steel construction, and superior warranties, including a lifetime warranty for blue pre-stretch compound rollers.
Benefits of the WCA-SMART™:
  • Standardization of line with the SMART tower & carriage inventory and lead time benefits
  • Improved design with enclosed carriage chains
  • The standard wrap height has increased to 80” (previously 76” on WCA-150)
  • Optional wrap height is now available in 92”, 104” and 116” (previously only 106” on WCA-150)
  • Ergonomically friendly film loading carriage is mounted on the side and allows for easy loading
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers’ blue compound
  • The "analog" sensor is now standard
  • Nema 4-12 panel (previously the WCA-200 panel was not rated)
  • Optional close roller spacing (3” centers) on conveyors is now rated at 5,000 lbs (previously 4,000 lbs)
  • Controls ready for the integration of fence kit
  • The WCA-SMART™ is more economical

The WCA-SMART™ features:
  • 12 RPM (17 RPM and 22 RPM optional)
  • 3-year unlimited cycle warranty
  • Spring loaded carriage gate
  • AC drive for all motors except conveyors
  • Quick disconnect throughout

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wulftec new logoWulftec has a new logo… check it out…we have added “.com”

This new logo is inline with our objective of implementing a web program designed to optimize our positioning on the most popular internet search engines. The goal of this program is to improve our visibility on the world-wide-web in order to increase subsequent business opportunities for both our company and you the distributor…increased traffic on our website potentially leads to increased sales for your team.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kevin Lydon

Kevin Lydon has joined the Wulftec team as the US Central East Regional Sales Representative. Kevin is responsible for the sales and support of the Wulftec distribution network within territory U4… please refer to the "sales force" section of our website to see territory breakdown. Kevin may be reached at tel.: 513-967-6423 or email kevinl@wulftec.com

Jean Belair

Jean Belair has joined the Wulftec team as Regional Sales Representative for Canada. Jean has over 12 years experience in the packaging, palletizing, auger filler and force flow business. Before joining the Wulftec team, Jean was employed as a packaging specialist and was involved in all aspects of packaging from beginning to end of line with a main focus on stretch wrapping equipment for the past five years. Jean may be reached at tel.: 819-574-8960 or email jeanb@wulftec.com

Michel Rouleau

Michel Rouleau has been appointed Retrofit Sales Representative for North America…this is a new strategic position for Wulftec. Michel has been a member of the Wulftec team since 1996. After many years in the plant as a technician and then in service as a road technician, in 2003 Michel became Customer Service Manager ensuring after sales service, efficient processing of parts orders, sales of retrofits, installations and service calls. Michel may be reached at tel.: 864-430-0213 or email michelr@wulftec.com

Welcome to the team Kevin and Jean…congratulations Michel…we wish them much success in their new positions.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Left to Right: Gregg Hopkins, Priscille Tremblay, Ed Turlington, Guy Lopes, Tedd Mendelsohn

Atlantic Packaging has proven once again that when it comes to understanding and meeting the needs of customers, its team can’t be beat. In recognition of their outstanding efforts, Wulftec has honored Atlantic Packaging with its Distributor of the Year Award for 2008. Since the company’s beginning in 1946, Atlantic Packaging has evolved from a small-town weekly newspaper that fought tenaciously for social justice into a market leader in industrial packaging and customized converted products that puts a strong focus on the needs of its customers.

Congratulations Atlantic Packaging and thank you for your hard work…we wish you continued success throughout 2009!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lease a Wulftec® stretch wrapper with no money down! Why wait for a better bottom line to invest in a quality stretch wrapper? Instead, lease a Wulftec® stretch wrapper and get more for less.

Benefit today from 100% financing and a $1 end-of-lease purchase option!

Get full details on our website at http://www.wulftec.com/leasing.html

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

McCormick Place South
Chicago, IL

January 12 - 15, 2009

Wulftec Booth at Promat 2009

The Promat 2009 show was held at the McCormick Center in Chicago from January 12-15. Material handling and logistics buyers from more than 90 countries attended the show…they came to see, touch and operate the solutions of over 700 of the top material handling and logistics providers. The show floor featured manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, assembly, logistics and IT solutions for the supply chain.

Conveyor rollers displayWulftec had on display the new WCA-SMART™ with heat seal, a SML-200 with SMART start & pull cord and the conveyor rollers display…the conveyor rollers display generated lots of interest.

Many of the visitors to our booth were facility managers, warehouse managers, VP’s, Presidents etc. of their respective companies. Inquiries included people that were presently hand wrapping and were at a point where they may be able to justify moving to a wrapping machine. There were also technical questions about the various machines that we sell and what would be the best machine for their application.

Our growth with integration firms can be linked to Wulftec attending and becoming more involved in the material handling industry.