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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pack Expo 2006 logoMcCormick Place
Chicago, IL
Oct. 29 to Nov. 2, 2006

Images of the Wulftec booth:

Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - WRING-500 stretch wrapper WRING-500
The new WRING-500 automatic rotary ring wrapper with 50 RPM. This rotary ring wrapper is crafted for success - high-speed wrapping for increased productivity, versatility and film savings.
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - WCRT-200 stretch wrapper with robots WCRT-200
A conveyorized automatic rotary-arm stretch wrapper with corner post applicators, conveyor load-centering devices, 30” No-Thread® carriage and 24-RPM rotation speed.
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006
Wulftec Booth
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006
Wulftec Booth
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - Semi-Automatic stretch wrappers
SMART SERIES™ & Value Line
The innovative semi-automatic stretch wrappers.

SMART SERIES: lets you pick and choose the individual components that go into building the machine. Now you can get the exact machine you need and pay only for the features you want. It's the SMART approach to semi-automatic stretch wrapping.

VALUE LINE: affordable, versatile and easy to use. A step above hand wrapping.
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - Retrofits RETROFITS
Increase Productivity with a Wulftec® Retrofit System. What can you do when you need to boost productivity but can't afford to buy a new stretch wrapper? The solution is a Wulftec® retrofit system!
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - strapping consumables Strapping Consumables PET and steel strap covers a wide range of applications for most industries in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - strapping tools Strapping Tools
A complete line of strapping tools for PP⁄PET and Steel strap; pneumatic strapping tools, battery strapping tools, pneumatic and manual sealless strapping tools, etc.

Friday, August 4, 2006

M. J. Maillis Group, the Athens-based international packaging solutions specialist, has received a prestigious award for its export activities from the Athens Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
Greek Minister of Finance George Alogoskoufis presented the award to company Chairman and CEO Michael J. Maillis at the 11th annual ACIC ceremony. This honor recognizes M. J. Maillis Group's exceptional business capabilities and export achievements as a global leader in complete end-of-line packaging solutions. Michael J. Maillis dedicated the award to all M.J. Maillis Group employees and thanked them for their commitment and hard work in making the award possible. It was the Group's second time winning the coveted ACIC export award.
With customers in more than 52 countries, served through a network of 28 owned affiliate companies, 18 manufacturing operations and more than 350 independent distributors, M. J. Maillis Group had a turnover of 361 million euros in 2005-up from 3 million euros in 1987, the first year it won the ACIC export award.
Maillis 1987 Export Award Maillis 2006 Export Award
Presented by Greek Prime Minister A. Papandreou
Sales: 3 million euros
Exports: 2.5 million euros
Presented by Greek Minister of Finance G. Alogoskoufis
Sales: 361 million euros
Exports: 124 million euros
...and growing!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Left to Right: Priscille Tremblay, Tom Brani, Steve Fleming, Andre Thibault

Tom Brani has proven that when it comes to understanding and meeting the needs of distributors, he can't be beat. In recognition of his outstanding efforts, Tom has been honored with Wulftec's Regional Representative of the Year Award for 2005.

Tom is a member of our sales team and has been representing Wulftec since 2002. He has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and management with leading packaging materials and equipment manufacturers. He has contributed greatly to the development of Wulftec's growth in region U5 (North Central USA). Not only does he consistently help distributors reach higher levels of success, but his insightful ideas and product feedback help Wulftec develop stronger relations with them. His vast experience in the stretch wrapping industry is a definite asset to the entire company.

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication over the years, Tom... we wish you continued success for 2006!

We are proud to announce our 2005 distributor of the year and salesman of the year!


Distributor of 2005

Left to Right: Gregg Hopkins, Steve Fleming, Rusty Carter (President of Atlantic Packaging)

Atlantic Packaging has proven that when it comes to understanding and meeting the needs of customers, its team can't be beat. In recognition of its outstanding efforts, Wulftec has honored Atlantic Packaging with its Distributor of the Year Award for 2005. Over its 57-year history, Atlantic Packaging has evolved from a small-town weekly newspaper that fought tenaciously for social justice into a market leader in industrial packaging and customized converted products that puts a strong focus on the needs of its customers.


Congratulations to Sigma Supply and Serralgodão - the winners of the Outstanding Sales of Wulftec® Products Awards for 2005.

Left to Right: Dan Hamby (President of Sigma Supply), Ken White

Sigma Supply has been providing high-quality packaging supplies and equipment to mid-southern U.S. businesses since 1970. The company, founded by Dan Hamby, started as a one-person operation in the tape business and has since grown into a packaging specialist selling a wide variety of stretch wrapping, taping and strapping equipment and materials.

Left to Right: Paulo Carvalho (Manager at Serralgodão), Mario Tornini

Founded in 1938, Serralgodão enjoys a solid reputation for exceptional service in its targeted South American market. Thanks to its dedicated efforts, Serralgodão has developed a keen understanding of its clients' specific packaging needs and shares Wulftec's® high-quality standards.

Congratulations and thanks to the teams of Atlantic Packaging, Sigma Supply and Serralgodão for their outstanding efforts in 2005... we wish them equal success through 2006!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Cleveland I-X Center
Cleveland, OH

March 27 to 30, 2006

This four-day trade show featured the latest solutions for boosting the productivity of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. It was a comprehensive showcase of material handling and logistics equipment, systems and technologies with over 400 exhibitors from industry, commerce and government including leading manufacturers from across North America.
Images of the Wulftec booth:

Wulftec booth at NA 2006 show

Wulftec booth at NA 2006 show

Friday, January 27, 2006

This not-to-be-missed four-day trade show will be featuring the latest solutions for boosting the productivity of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. Find out all the details in our Trade Shows section.